The Office of Dr. Michael Raucci

Michael C. Raucci, D.C., D.I.B.C.N. is a chiropractic neurologist in Orange County, New York. He operates Pine Bush Health & Chiropractic which is central to the towns of Walden, Pine Bush, Montgomery, Circleville, Bloomingburg, Walker Valley, Wallkill, and Scotchtown.

Pine Bush Health & Chiropractic

Pine Bush Health & Chiropractic is located at 42 Simon Drive, Walden, NY. The office features 4 treatment/exam rooms, each outfitted with different equipment and tables allowing us to expertly manage all chiropractic maladies and chroncities. Dr. Raucci believes that different problems sometimes requires different approaches, therefore, he offers various physiotherapeutic modalities, massage, and traction, in addition to several traditional chiropractic interventions. The physiotherapeutic modalities include electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and interferential stimulation along with heat therapy.

Our Philosophy

Chiropractic theory and practice centers around two health concepts: health restoration and health optimization. Health restoration is quite simply, getting injured or ill people better. The goal is to return people to the active lifestyles they are used to without pain and dysfunction. Health restoration might include the management of lower back disorders, sciatica, headaches, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment for these types of problems often start out utilizing passive therapies such as electric muscle stimulation and massage and ultimately progress to stablization and stregthening exercises. In our office, chiropractic manipulation or the adjustment is a tool that is utilized, when appropriate, to facilitate the healing of injuries, reduce pain, and increase mobility.

Health optimization is what some people refer to as maintenance care, though I find that term to be restrictive, in that, it does not include people who are seeking nutritional counseling or exercise modification. Health optimization, in the spirit of chiropractic, focuses on the optimization of system functioning primarily by providing the neural structures emanating from the spine with the best possible physiologic operating arrangement. This is accomplished by the modification of the skeletal and soft tissue structures of, and surrounding the spine. Because the nervous system plays one of the largest roles in controlling body functioning, its optimization is of great importance in health optimization. Optimization of other systems, including the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, and others is similarly sought through a variety of means. The goal of maintenance care is to avoid serious disease or injury by engaging in periodic evaluation and early management. During a maintenance or health optimization appointment, the entire person and the relationships between the systems are addressed whereas in a health restoration appointment the injured, dysfunctional, or painful area is addressed separately.

Interactions with Other Health Care Professionals

Whether we are dealing with an injured area of the body or areas of concern that have developed during maintenance care evaluations, Dr. Raucci believes that the team approach is what is best for the patient. As such, Dr. Raucci will regularly read x-rays and MRIs, interact with other medical professionals and make referrals when appropriate. It is false and dangerous for any doctor to think that they know everything or that they are always right. While Dr. Raucci is highly educated and skilled, he believes that some patients need different care then he can povide and some require additional care that must be sought elsewhere. Dr. Raucci is familiar with many local doctors and health centers and refers to them when needed and receives referrals from them when patients require his care.