We currently offer two options in orthotics.

1) I have always offered plaster casted orthotics. These are cast in the office and then shipped to an orthotics construction plant with various instructions and requests. The finished product is typically delivered within 2 weeks. The patient is fitted and given instructions on use. This type of orthoic replaces the inner padding of the shoe. This type of custom designed orthotic costs between $250-$350 depending on the type of orthotic. This is substantially lower than many of our competitors that charge $400-$600 for the same service.

2) The second orthotic is designed to work underneath the internal padding of the shoe. It is made from a heat sensitive pliable plastic. The plastic maintains a standard shape until heated above 200 degrees. After heating to this temperature, it becomes pliable momentarily and can be formed and fitted to a person's foot. After it cools it will fit the bottom of the person's foot. The advantage of this type of orthotic is in its cost which is between $50 and $75. Many patients will purchase multiple orthotics of this type to fit into multiple shoes. The other large advantage is that they can be reheated and reshaped if for some reason they feel uncomfortable.

We do not provide the off-the-shelf orthotics frequently found in other offices because we do not feel that they address the unique needs of every foot.